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Improving Your Site’s Speed Will Get You a Better Score on Major Speed
Testing Services Such as Google Pagespeed, Gtmetrix, Pingdom, Etc And
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Just install our plugin and fix all these issues which, In Turn, Boosts Your Google Page Speed and you will feel the difference right away!

01. Lazy Load

Instead of loading the entire web page and rendering it to the user in one go as in bulk loading, the concept of lazy loading assists in loading only the required section and delays the remaining, until it is needed by the user.


  • Reduces Initial Load Time
  • Bandwidth Conservation
  • System Resource Conservation

02. Delay JavaScript Execution

It improves performance by delaying the loading of all JavaScript files until there is a user interaction like scrolling, pressing a key etc.


  • Reduce JavaScript Execution time.
  • Remove Unused JavaScript.
  • First Contentful Paint

03. Self-Hosting Google Fonts

Hosting fonts locally is a great way to open your site up to new fonts and possibly speed up your site.


  • Better For Security
  • Faster, Better Performance

04. Remove Unused CSS

There is a good chance that your website contains CSS that have no impact on current page elements. For example, frameworks like Bootstrap come with dozens of CSS styles that you probably don’t need.


  • On average, about 35% of CSS code is completely unnecessary. We meticulously find and remove this unnecessary CSS code.
  • Less CSS code means less time to download your web page, and less time for a web browser to parse and display it.

05. WebP for Image Optimization

According to Google, WebP lossless images are 26% smaller in size compared to PNGs. WebP lossy images are 25-34% smaller than comparable JPEG images, typically providing 3 times smaller file sizes compared to PNG – that’s a huge improvement.


  • Faster Loading Times – Due to the smaller file sizes, pages with WebP images load faster. That’s a huge boost to your website.
  • Less Media Storage – WebP’s enhanced compression also means less storage space. This is crucial for sites that host a large amount of images, and could even save you money on your web hosting.


What Our Clients Say?

I’ve been using this plugin for about 2 weeks, and thus far, it has worked out great! All of the features perform wonderfully!

Amanda Lee

CEO & Founder Crix

This amazing plugin helps me fix all my page speed issues like a charm and also It is easy to use and has been really a lifesaver for me.

Adam Cheise

Director at Dynamic

Great plugin for sites with more scripts. If you’re using a page-builder like Elementor etc, then you’ll want to get this to speed up your site.

Catherine Gilbert

Director at Initech